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Mackinac Island Wedding at Mission Point Resort

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  One thing I’ve been really trying to focus on, is the now.  Remember this friends, our days are numbered.  Whatever you do with your day today, you have exchanged it for one of your numbered days.  Don’t waste it, because you are one stop closer to your numbers running out.  Do the things. Take the risks.  Drink the coffee.

ABOUT THE PHOTO:  Her favorite flower is the lilac.  So what better time to get married on Mackinac Island then lilac season!!! This couple goes down in my books as one of my favorites to photograph, because they never stopped smiling, and at one point I caught the bride whispering to her groom, “ I am so happy!”. For my photographer friends: shot with the Canon Mark lll, zoom lens, f/5.6, auto white balance.

It’s Tuesday and it’s coffee o’clock. Let’s let today's adventure begin!

Mackinac Island Lilac WeddingMackinac Island Wedding during Lilac Festival, at beautiful Mission Point Resort!


Mackinac Island Elopement - The Inn at Stonecliffe

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  Does anyone else out there scroll around on social media and end up feeling like their life is in chaos and everyone else seems to have everything together?!  No?  Right, me neither (cough, cough).  The comparison game is brutal my friends, so let’s all do everything we can to build one another up today!!

ABOUT THE PHOTO:  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE working on Mackinac Island? Well, I do.  And I really love when the couple I’m photographing hires a bagpipe player, and takes their first dance in the garden of a beautiful historical mansion.  Right???  For photographer friends: shot with a Canon Mark lll, zoom lens, f/5.6.

It’s the middle of the week, it’s coffee time, and I’m celebrating a job I love, the people I get to photograph, all the people I’ve met on this amazing journey!


Bride and Groom on Mackinac IslandA beautiful moment during an elopement at The Inn at Stonecliffe on Mackinac Island!



ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  Confession… When it snows before Dec. the 25th, I feel like glitter is falling from the sky and I want wash my face, my hands, my hair in snow.  Now that it’s one day shy of Feb., and it’s still snowing, I’m just kinda like, “Mewh, whatevs.”

ABOUT THE PHOTO:  I loved every second of 2016 (okay, there were a few icky moments…so I loved MOST every second), and one of the biggest reasons was because of all the amazing locations we got to photograph at.  One of the gems of Mackinac Island, is for sure, The Inn at Stonecliffe.  She just doesn’t take a bad picture!!  An English style Tudor mansion nestled in the middle of the island.  It’s private, it’s quaint, and it’s gorgeous!   Check out this reception set up in the Bridgeview Tent!!!

NOTE TO BRIDES:  Allow time in your photographers timeline to get into the reception area to photograph it before your guests arrive!  One great thing about McCoy Made, is that most of our collections include both Mark & myself (two lead photographers!), so we are able to split up in the day to get great room shots like this!


Happy Tuesday y’all… I’m still drinking coffee over here because like I said, it’s snowing outside and that in itself makes me feel chilly and crave something hot to drink!  Raising my mug to you this afternoon, here’s to a great week!


The inn at Stonecliffe wedding receptionThe lovely Bridgeview Tent at The Inn at Stonecliffe on Mackinac Island, all set up for a wedding reception!

Wedding Reception Details at StonecliffeDetails from a beautiful wedding reception at The Inn at Stonecliffe!!


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