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Beautiful Michigan Wedding at H Hotel in Midland, MI

Pretty much blown away that it is mid-August. I swear I feel fall in the air, and yet somehow I find myself in sporadic moments planning for the Fourth of July as if it’s still mid-June!! Anyone else ever feel this way? Well, thankfully my summer has been busy with amazing shoots, and sprinkled with a few lake days every now and then. 

ABOUT THE PHOTO: Mark and I got to travel downstate a few weeks ago to photograph this beautiful wedding in downtown Midland that just exuded homespun love and lots of style! A gorgeous bouquet, a quaint walking bridge in the background, and of course a couple who is crazy happy in love always makes my Tuesday a little bit brighter! 

So, hello Tuesday Morning. Monday was a good day, but you’re going to be even better! I’ve got my coffee mug full, and I’m ready for you!

Bride and Groom at H Hotel in Midland, Michigan



Some days I feel like superwoman. Other days I end up with the laundry in the oven. And I am saying this mostly to myself, but it's okay if some days are tougher then others. It doesn't mean anything is wrong, that's just life. I can't even tell you how many things in life I have desperately wanted that never came my way. But I can look around and see my amazing family, a few great friends, a fabulous job, and oh so much opportunity for growth!! So, that's what I am focusing on today.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: This was such a beautiful wedding on Mackinac Island at the hisotrical mansion, The Inn at Stonecliffe!! Love the Mighty Mac as the ceremony backdrop, and the soft colors the bride picked out. ❤

I've got my coffee in hand, let's raise a mug to a productive day! And if you put your laundry in the oven today, just don't turn the oven on and all will be okay.

      Wedding Ceremony at The Inn at Stonecliffe on Mackinac IslandA beautiful wedding at the quaint Inn at Stonecliffe on Mackinac Island!!


Mackinac Wedding at Island House Hotel

I've learned a lot over the years. I have learned that things don't always turn out as planned, get fixed, or go the way you think they should. Some things stay broken, and some dreams never come to pass. But I've also learned that what this life is really about is good friends, and great adventures. Surround yourself with a loyal tribe, and you'll always end up with a smile and a lot of laughter!

Molly, you were a beautiful bride, and I loved photographing you with your girl squad!! So many natural smiles and true bonds of friendship!

Here's to a great weekend, let's get out there and love every minute of it (I'll be working, so it's a good thing I love my job!!)!


Bridal Party at Island House Hotel, getting excited for the ceremony to start!

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