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A Beautiful Mackinac Island Elopement

And this, my friends, is what "happily ever after" looks like. What girl wouldn't want to elope in her grandmothers vintage fur, in a buttefly conservatory, followed by a stroll around the cutest little shed on Mackinac Island!?!
Venue: Wings of Mackinac
Happy Friday friends, time to bust out the pumpkin spice coffee and celebrate fall!


Vintage Bride and Groom on Mackinac IslandA stroll in a vintage coat, after eloping on Mackinac Island at Wings of Mackinac Butterfly House!

Wedding Ceremony at Wings of Mackinac Butterfly HouseThe first kiss, after eloping at Wings of Mackinac Butterfly House on Mackinac Island!




Mackinac Wedding at The Somewhere In Time Gazebo

One thing I have learned over the years, is the value of a candid moment.  We were all walking out of the ceremony location, after family photo's were completed, and heading to the carriage for the bride and grooms ride around the island.  I turned around as everyone was cheering, and caught this spontaneous kiss!  Such a cute (and quick!) moment!!


Mackinac Wedding at The Somewhere In Time GazeboA candid moment of the bride and groom right after their ceremony at The Somewhere In Time Gazebo



Wedding at The Inn at Stonecliffe, Mackinac Island

Really, so much about life has to do with balance.  It’s about keeping the main things, the main things.  It’s about accepting that you can’t please all the people, all the time. It’s about understanding that sometimes you will feel excluded from things, you desperately want to be a part of.  It’s about knowing that life can get messy.  And I mean like “throw a plate of my Grandma Giannola’s Mostaccioli on the wall” messy!  But you know what, it all cleans up.  And while it may end up looking different then what you’d planned on, everything does eventually work out.  If you put your heart into all you commit to, you will come into a season of reaping and reward.  I LOVE my job.  I am always honored when someone puts their trust in me and Mark, to photograph their precious memories.  I put my ENTIRE HEART into what we do, and this little business we have created.  Does it get messy?  For sure it does.  Do I get my feelings hurt?  All the time.  Will I keep pushing forward, even if the Mostaccioli is currently stuck to the wall?  ABSOLUTELY!!  Because I love my job, and I love hearing peoples stories about how they love the photographs we have created for them and the memories we have preserved.   See, it’s all about balance my friends.   

Most brides don’t picture their perfect outdoor wedding day to be in a monsoon of rain. But you know what, if it rains on your wedding day at the end of your day you’ll still be married.  As a wedding photographer, I don’t have any magical answers for what to do if it rains.  Can we take beautiful portraits inside, or under an awning?  Of course!  But I personally say, embrace the rain, get wet, and have fun with it!  That’s exactly what Lori & Justin did last week for their wedding day at The Inn at Stonecliffe.  And it was amazing!!!!  Fabulous smiles were everywhere, true love and supportive families celebrated, a marriage license was signed… and we got some beautiful photo’s, in the rain.  

I’m raising my coffee up and clinking all those out there who have seen the Mostaccioli hit the wall, but laugh it off and dance in the rain anyway. Happy Tuesday my friends!


A beautiful wedding in the rain, at The Inn at Stonecliffe on Mackinac Island!